Liam RiderEdit

Warning! This article contains spoilers from the fanfiction The Unknown.

Name: Liam Rider.

Nicknames/Alias: Lee.

Age: 17 in The Unknown, Deaseased in The Gunfighter.

Birthday: Unknown.

Nationality: Unknown, possibly Irish.

Bending Art: Air.

Family: Isabella (wife)

John Rider (son)

Alies: Aang



Toph Beifong




Enamies: Jeremiah

Affiliation: Gunslingers.

First apperance: The Unknown, Chapter 1.

Last apperance: The Unknown, Chapter 9.

Mentioned in: The Gunfighter.


"Sometimes the blind see better then those with the eyes of a hawk." -Liam to Toph, The Unknown, Chapter 3.

Liam "Lee" Rider is a main character from the Avatar fanfiction 'The Unknown'. Dispite his young age, he is an experianced warrior and is usually the one of the few members of the group to keep a level head.

Early LifeEdit

Almost nothing is known about Liam's life before he became a Gunsinger. What is known is that he earned his father's gun at a young age. According to Liam, the Bending Arts were a taboo in his world as people had lost fath in them and the Avatar. Laws were even passed that forbade benders from using their art in public. Sometime before the start of the Great War, he met, befreinded, and fell in love with his World's Avatar; a girl his age named Isabella.

The Great WarEdit

"Some fought for ideologies, others for land, still others for resources. But a few, like the Gunslingers, fought for survival."- Liam on the Great War.

Entering the Fight- Sixteen year old Liam, a full member of the Gunslingers by this point, was forced into combat when it became evident that nothing could contain the fighting anymore.

Death of the Avatar- About a year after his Baptism of Fire, Liam watched his beloved Isabella fight the World's largest army in an effort to protect a small village. The young Avatar maniged to smash a good porrtion of the army before being cut down and killed while in the Avatar State. A distraught Liam recovered her body and burried her in a tomb not far from their childhood home.

Fall of the Great Library- Sometime after Isabella's death, Liam and other surviving members of the Order made a last stand on the steps of the Great North American Library. After several hours of fighting, they were overrun and the Library was lost. What few surviving members were left scattered across the world and hid away. However they began to be hunted down one by one, until Liam was the last surviving member.

Arrivel in the World of the Avatar Edit

About a year after the fall of the Library, Liam discovered a series of documents and papers that provided proof of the existance of other worlds and many great artifacts. He realised that he could bring his beloved Isabella back to life and reastablish the Avatar Cycle with the help of an object known as a Ritcherdson Orb. However, only one remained in existance.

Arrival- Using a small artifact that allowed for the traval between universes, Liam arrived in the world of the Avatar during the time that the Team was traviling from the Western Air Temple to the Beach House on Ember Island. He disquised himself as a formar Earth Kingdom soldier and tracked Team Avatar for about three weeks.

Revelance- One Night, Liam deicited to approch the Team while they had stopped to camp for the night. He used the commen name of Lee as a means of blending in and kept it all though out his experiances. At first, they were skeptical of his story and his plee to hang for help. However they began to show some form of belif after Toph vouched for him and stated that he was not lying. That first night, he made a camp of his own about fifty yards away from the orignal camp and was approched by Katara, and then Toph. The latter stated that if he really wanted to earn Aang's help, he needed to traval with them on Appa.

In the Fire Nation- At the Royal Family's beach house, Liam began to furiously train with Sokka and Zuko, building up his skills in fighting agaist the sword and Firebenders. It was while in a dual with Zuko that he reveiled that he was an Airbender. He was also the only one Zuko trusted with the information about his father's plan to burn down the Earth Kingdom. Liam even participated in Zuko's suprise training exercise in which he held off Toph and Katara while Zuko and Aang fought. After the exercise, Liam literlly stumbled over an artifact weapon that was buried in the sand. Confused and angered, he took the power cells from the weapon before smashing it and throwing it into the sea.

Fighting the Airship Fleet- While Aang had disappered and Zuko and Katara headed for the Fire Nation Capital to fight Azula, Liam accompanied Sokka, Suki, and Toph to distroy the Fire Nation's Airship Fleet. While Toph Earthbended them into the air in order to get to the ship, Liam was sent to the ship next to thier target. They then deivited the fleet in half. Using his skills and weapons, Liam quickly dispatched his half of the fleet before finding his old nemasis, Jeremiah. After a short duel which resulted in Liam being shot, he shot and smashed the power cells, resulting in an explosion that distroyed the last airship and vaporised Jeremiah.

Finding the Orb- After landing in the burnt out section of the Forest, Aang and Liam discovered an underground theatre that contained the orb they were srearching for. After returning to the surface and saying his goodbyes, Liam left and returned to his own world.

Later LifeEdit

After returning to his own world and bringing the Avatar back to life, Liam began to work on reastablishing the Gunsingers. After a time, Liam and Isabella married and had a son. As the order began to rebuild, Liam became the Grandmaster. He made trips back to the world of the Avatar, even bringing his young son along at one point. However, Isabella died during childbirth and Liam desended into depression.


According to John, Liam was on a trip in Italy searching for the next Avatar. He was ambushed and shotdown.

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